Windtunnel testing finalized

From 16/05/2016 till 27/05/2016, CENER performed the wind tunnel testing on 2 WINDUR rotor prototypes.

These WINDUR rotor prototypes have been manufactured in order to measure the aerodynamic behaviour of the rotor in controlled wind conditions at wind tunnel facilities. The results of the tests performed in these prototypes serve to validate the computations obtained during the design phase and to obtain performance data at specific wind speed conditions.

Two prototypes have been built. The first one is a 2D prototype that reproduces the shape of the WINDUR rotor blades aerodynamic airfoil. The second one is a 3D prototype that represents a scaled down version of the WINDUR rotor.

The 2D wind tunnel tests have been performed at the ‘Red’ wind tunnel facility of DTU Wind Energy Department at Lyngby Campus.  The 3D wind tunnel tests have been performed at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

This movie shows the 3D model in the wind tunnel with helical blades.