WINDUR power electronics final lab tests ongoing

– 29 March 2016 –

Ghent University has been working continuously during the last couple of months to finish and test the power electronic system that will be coupled to the turbine.

Ghent University is responsible for the development of not only the generator but also the inverter and all the related control algorithms. Everything was in-house designed, built and tested, and is now in its final testing phase.

Next Monday the generator and inverter will be moved to Ostend. In Ostend everything (rotor, mast, generator and inverter) will be put together and then the designed and developed wind turbine will be installed at the test site of Ghent University in Ostend (SWT Field Lab @ Greenbridge Incubator).

The tests will run the complete month of May. Beginning of June everything is transported to Spain and installed on a roof-top there.

More information about the tests and its results will be on this website soon!