Wind measurements finalized

– 7 January 2016 –

After 15 months of wind measurements in Spain and Portugal, the WINDUR measuring campaign was finalized in December 2015. The measurements took place at 8 sights: Cádiz, Guadalajara, Huesca (2 sites), La Coruña, Rivas-VaciaMadrid, Valladolid (all these sites are in Spain), and Oporto (this site is located in Portugal).

met mast installations

During the coming months Solute will decommission all the measuring installations and they will pass the data to the University of Uppsala (UU). UU will implement all this data in their developed software and analyze it thoroughly. Some preliminary conclusions could already be defined:

  • During the complete measurement campaign the wind in Spain was low. The average wind speed is below 3m/s, this is not a common result when measuring for periods longer than 15 months.
  • The met masts were installed on buildings at an average height of 7 to 10 meters. Solute is confident that higher wind speeds are reached at higher locations. It would be interesting to conduct the same study at buildings of 30m high and compare the results.
  • The wind above buildings located close to a large avenue or road is influenced a lot by this. The wind is channeled in the direction of the present avenue/road.

More results and conclusions will become available on this website during the next months.