WINDUR presentation at IEEE Cyberworlds 2015

– 4 November 2015 –

A paper entitled ‘A GUI for urban wind flow CFD analysis of small scale wind applications’ was submitted and accepted for the IEEE Cyberworlds 2015 Conference, which took place in Visby, Sweden, from October 7th until 9th 2015.

The paper is about the development of a graphical user interface (GUI). In order to have better insight into the physics of the urban wind turbines, a GUI that employs OpenFOAM flow solver has been developed for industrial application by Uppsala University in cooperation with the Spanish engineering company Solute via EU framework as part of the WINDUR FP7 project. Urban wind resource assessment for small scale wind applications present several challenges and complexities that are different from large-scale wind power generation. Urban boundary layer relevant in this regime of flows have different horizontal profiles impacted by the buildings, low speed wind regimes, separation and different turbulence characteristics. This software addresses the project setup and scientific visualization of the results for right investment decision needs. In this paper the preliminary numerical results are presented for the test site in Huesca, Spain, where a measurement campaign is undertaken to validate the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) results.

This paper is authored by Anders Goude, Bahri Uzunoglu and Gabriele Giovannini from Uppsala University (Sweden) (Department of Engineering Sciences, Division of Electricity Centre for Renewable Electric Energy Conversion), and Javier Magdalena and Antonio Fernández from Solute Ingenieros (Spain).