Vertech Group


Vertech Group is a French research intensive SME that focuses its business on High-Tech Environmental Consultancy; International R&D Consultancy; and Market Research and Business Development. Vertech Group aims to create value by supporting and advising private and public organizations regardless the sector they work in (e.g. recycling, energy and waste treatment), their location (e.g. Europe, Latin America) and their size (e.g. SMEs, large enterprises and universities) getting from research to market. Within WINDUR Vertech, as expert on industrialization and product life-cycle management, will support and guide the further exploitation of the WINDUR turbine. They will also offer expertise and guidance to R&D centres, mainly CENER, to consider in their design of the prototype relevant considerations towards its future manufacturing for industrial production and commercialization. More information about this SME is available on their website.