Guadalajara measurement site

The sixth measurement site is located in Guadalajara, Spain, in the public school ‘Parque de la Muñeca’ (Avenida del Sol S/N, 19005 Guadalajara).


The school’s main activity is education. They focus on pre-school education and primary school education, and there is also a special education TEA unit which focusses on children with autism. Additionally, the school organizes extra-curricular activities and summer camps.

This institution is interested in the project from an educational point of view. They consider it very important to teach their pupils (from a young age onwards) the importance of and respect for the environment, sustainability and use of renewable energy sources. The school already invested in this with there photovoltaic system on the roof.

foto Guadalajara

The school is interested in collaborating with SMEs as these small enterprises often have a lot of knowledge in the field of science and particularly renewables which is interesting to teach the puplis.