Rivas measurement site

The fourth measurement site is located in Rivas Vaciamadrid, Spain. It is on the city hall of Rivas (Plaza de la Constitución 1, 28522 Rivas Vaciamadrid).


The city hall of Rivas focusses its strategy in the development of sustainable environmental politics and in the development of a sustainable culture among the citizens. In this sense, a 0 emission plan has started, aiming to achieve Rivas to be a neutral emission city by 2030. This plan focusses on several work areas: mobility and transport, energy, waste management, water, public spaces, responsible consumption, ecological agriculture and environmental awareness and education.

Rivas is interested in wind energy as part of their plan to reduce their emissions. They offer to support companies and institutions who give permission to perform energy saving actions and improve their energy efficiency. They also are supportive to projects aiming for more energy efficiency, such as WINDUR, which is why they gave the permission to install a met mast on their roof.

foto Rivas