Cádiz measurement site

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The third measurement site is in Cádiz, Spain. It is the Energy Management Agency of the Province of Cádiz (Av. Campo del Sur 26, 11002 Cádiz). The main aim of the Agency is to promote energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energies, and sustainable modes of utilizing the province’s energy resources. APEC works every day in close contact with local public entities and other key stakeholders, developing and disseminating energy management and actions throughout the province on behalf of the provincial government. The Agency is therefore ideally placed to act as the link between public sector, private sector and citizens in the energy field, to improve policy-making and action taking on the field.


Wind is one of the most important energy resources in the Province of Cádiz. To use this resource in small scale, APEC is currently developing a pilot project aimed to check the feasibility of small wind energy for self-consumption. Small wind turbines will be installed on different locations (public buildings). Results will be checked and spread in order to promote small wind energy among other stakeholders in the Province.

The participation of technology-based SMEs of the provincial energy field is vital for the sector as they introduce an important component of innovation and allow testing new applications and technologies facilitating their transfer and subsequent implementation by public entities. These companies are also relevant from the point of view of employment, and also for the external promotion of the province.