Oporto measurement site

The second measurement site is in Oporto, Portugal. It is at the motel ‘Alto de Valonga’ (Avenida dos Descobrimentos 95, 4440-810 Valongo, Oporto).

Logo oporto foto motel oporto

The motel has a special interest in the use of renewables to reduce its energy dependance on the grid, as well for their hot water use as for heating. Currently, the motel has solar thermal panels to provide part of the hot water for the motel. Due to the fact that the motel is located at the top of a small hill, the site is relatively windy which makes it interesting for wind energy. This is why the motel is focussing now on the use of small size wind turbines to add a new energy source to complement the energy mix. Their involvement in WINDUR allows the hotel to improve their knowledge about wind speed and direction at the site, and at the same time it allows the consortium to study the wind behaviour on peri-urban and hilly sites.


The motel is interested in knowing the wind speed at their rooftop and adjacent land to outline a preliminary study of wind energy production and energy savings, and consequently needs the support of companies specialized in these studies like Solute. Moreover, they will need a wind turbine in the future which minimizes noise emissions and has an optimal performance. This is why they were so enthusiastic to provide a site for the wind measurements.