Huesca measurement site


The first measurement site is in Huesca, Spain, in the Technological Park Walqa SA (Crta Zaragoza N-330a Km566, 22197 Cuarte (Huesca)).
The Walqa technological park started aiming to focus on innovation and R&D, especially in the field of information technologies, biotechnology and renewables.


The park was set up in 2002, is a member of the APTE (Spanish Association of Scientific and Technological Parks) and of the IASP (International Association of Scientific and Technological Parks). The park has a total surface of 53 hectares, of which 4 of the 6 phases are urbanized. It currently counts 14 buildings. These host more than 50 companies with a great predisposition of cooperation, understood in its wider sense: national and international commerce cooperation, participation in R&D projects, UTE for public tenders, technological transference, and ultimately opening new horizons to new technologies.

They were willing to collaborate with WINDUR in providing a site for the installation of a met mast because already 70% of the energy consumed in the Walqa Technological Park is generated by renewables (wind, sun, etc.). They want to continue supporting all kinds of initiatives which may help improving this and even generate a benefit in the short or medium term for the park.

They are also aware of the importance of a collaboration and cooperation (direct or indirect) with technological european SMEs. This cooperation can be in all kinds of projects which create employment, richness, knowledge and contribute to diversify the economic and industrial character besides only transferring results. The can use this cooperation as one more tool to become more competitive.