The National Renewable Energy Center (CENER) is a technology center specialized in applied research, development and promotion of renewable energies. It has excellent qualifications and recognized international prestige. CENER provides services and performs research work in 6 areas: wind, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic, biomass, energy in buildings and renewable energy grid integration.



Mastergas is a small Enterprise specialized in the installation of solar thermal panels and other renewable energy systems in domestic buildings and industrial plants in Spain. Mastergas offers services in designing the solar thermal energy system better suited to the client’s needs, adapted to their consumption as well as to the building infrastructure, and selecting best technical solutions. Mastergas assists their clients in obtaining all planning permissions as well as accreditation for Feed-In-Tarrifs.



Solute is an engineering consulting and technology service company founded in 2006. Solute specializes in the field of numerical simulation, structural engineering and product engineering. Solute offers advanced engineering solutions, with an enormous versatility to adapt to the use of specific tools and methodologies, and deliver on high quality. Solute serves a stable, long-lasting client portfolio in the areas of Wind Energy, Aerospace, Automotive, Railway and Civil engineering.