Wind power as cheapest energy source

– 23 July 2014 –

An analysis by the Danish Energy Authority concluded that the cheapest way for Denmark to obtain new electricity capacity is through the installation of wind turbines. The analysis has compared the set-up costs of different electricity generation plants, showing wind power to have electricity costs of just over 30 cents per kWh for onshore wind, and almost 60 cents per kWh for new central coal and natural gas power plants.

“I am pleased that the analysis shows that wind is economically the right way to go, as well as being good for the environment, security of supply and Danish exports,” said Rasmus Petersen, Minister for Climate and Energy. The analysis shows that offshore wind is the next cheapest option, followed by new coal and natural gas central plants, CHP plants operating on natural gas and new central power stations fixed with wood pellets.

The analysis does not conclude that only onshore wind energy should be built in the future, as there is a continuing need for power plants which will act as back-up when wind is calm.

The original article (in Danish) is available on the DEA website.