New WINDUR technical decisions

– 14 June 2014 –

On June 11th and 12th 2014 the WINDUR consortium met again, this time in Madrid, Spain, where partners Machachi, Mastergas and Solute hosted the meeting. It was a very important meeting as several technical decisions regarding size and cost of the turbine needed to be taken. There is no sense in developing a turbine that would be very expensive as market opportunity would then be very low. Also the necessary wind speeds need to be reached to get the turbine working.

After an interesting discussion about all the technical and financial aspects all partners returned home with the assignment to look for further information about this within their field of expertise. Some emails, a thorough analysis of all the information (mainly the annual energy production of different rotor sizes as function of the nominal power of the installed generator) and a conference call later, the following decisions were made about the technical aspects of the turbine:

– The WINDUR vertical axis wind turbine should be designed for sites with mean wind speeds in the range of 5 to 5.5 m/s.
– The selected generator should have a nominal power of around 2 kW (for any of the considered rotor sizes).
– A rotor size of 6.5m² is the best option from design point of view.
– As the nominal power will be around 2 kW, a single phase grid connection will be used as this reduces the costs and the complexity of the power electronic system.