WP7 Dissemination, IPR & exploitation management

This work package gathers all tasks devoted to dissemination, IPR protection and exploitation management. This work package runs during the whole duration of the project, guaranteeing the maximum dissemination of scientific results, coordinating the IPR protection strategy for the consortium and designing and developing a future exploitation strategy. The activities in this work package aim to ensure the highest possible impact for the results achieved in the project, and ensure effective mechanisms for the future commercial exploitation of WINDUR technologies by the participant SMEs.

Main objectives:
Ensuring broad dissemination of the project main results to the potential clients, as well as other relevant European stakeholders, in order to facilitate the highest possible impact of the project results.
Ensuring all relevant results are adequately protected, providing a monopoly in their exploitation rights to the participant SMEs.
Ensuring effective technology transfer from RTD partners to the participant SMEs that guarantees SMEs to acquire required technical knowledge to adopt the project results and successfully exploit them automatically.
– Providing a thorough analysis on commercial exploitation routes for the project results.