WP6 Roof top installation

Work package 6 corresponds to the demonstration activities of this project and is devoted to the installation of the final WINDUR prototype as a rooftop mounted system in an urban building. WINDUR suitability for rooftop installation will be tested and initial output power values under real condition operations will be monitored. This will only be done after the end of the project. The WINDUR project will end with the installation of the wind turbine in Spain. All the partners will contribute to this work package, under the leadership of Mastergas as installer, with the aim to deliver a real scale WINDUR prototype operating on the roof of an urban building by the end of this project. Finally this work package will also deliver an analysis of the economical aspects of the novel WINDUR turbine (estimation of set-up costs, running costs, impact on productivity, reduction of down times and reduction of spurious products, etc.). This analysis will be included in the final exploitation plan and aims to assist SMEs in their assessments prior to the technology adoption.

Specific technical objectives:
Demonstration of the novel WINDUR turbine, by installing a functional prototype to operate as a rooftop mounted system on an urban building.