WP5 WINDUR prototyping and lab field testing

This work package is devoted to assembling a WINDUR prototype from the subcomponents delivered in work package 3 and 4, undertaking the prototyping of the wind turbine blades and assembly of the rotor, power electronics and installation structure. This work package also includes the testing of this prototype at the Small Wind Turbine Field Lab at Ghent University. As the testing responsible Ghent University is leading this work package, with a major contribution from CENER. All the participant SMEs will also contribute to this work package in order to provide an agile working environment where required redesigns are rapidly implemented. The participation of the SMEs in this work package is very important in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the RTDs to the engineers from the SMEs, who will be physically at CENER during short stays during the WINDUR integration process.

Specific technical objectives:
First prototype of a functional WINDUR turbine.
– Prototype of a software tool for simulation of wind resources in urban areas.
Field lab testing of the WINDUR turbine, delivering reports in urban areas.
Final WINDUR validated prototype, ready for the demonstration activity or rooftop installation in a building to be undertaken in work package 6.