WP2 Wind power assessment in urban areas

The overall objective of this work package is the assessment of wind power resources in urban areas, including on site measurement and modelling. University of Uppsala is the RTD responsible for these activities. On site wind monitoring at locations selected in work package 1 will be undertaken. Measured data will be analyzed to conclude on the real wind resources available for powering WINDUR (wind map book category) and to validate/refine simulation models to be used in work package 3 and 4. Both the simulation model and the wind map book will be presented as a result for further use by licensed distributors and installers.

Specific technical objectives within this work package:
To measure wind power resource on the rooftop of a set of buildings representative for the different categories within the urban areas.
To conclude on the main characteristics of the wind power resource in the urban areas, as extracted from the measured data, and optimal building types (roof type, location with respect to closest neighbours, and geographical location) for wind turbine installation.
To develop a simulation model of wind profile in urban areas, and validate it using real data which can determine optimal installation position of the turbine within the roof area.
To analyze different WT designs provided by CENER under the perspective of building construction limitations, calculating wind and gravitational forces.

The different sites are located in Huesca, Oporto, Cádiz, Rivas Vaciamadrid, Valladolid, Guadalajara and La Coruña.