WINDUR proposes a small vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) optimized for use in urban environments as a roof-top mounted system. Proposed novel developments include:

– a variable speed control system developed to maximize VAWT’s energy yield under the rapidly changing wind speeds,
– an aerodynamic design based on a helical rotor, refined for reducing rotor weight and loads on the roof, to lower WINDUR installation complexity and cost, and
– an assessment of wind resource in urban areas, for characterizing those locations with better wind resources.

WINDUR has a targeted performance of 0.35 kWh/€ at an annual average wind speed of 6.5 m/s for guaranteeing a return on investment period shorter than 15 years.

WINDUR is financed within the 7th Framework Programme (Research for SMEs) of the European Commission and has a duration of 2 years (November 1st 2013 – October 31st 2015).
Budget: 1.15 M€